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Using SSH to interact with your Raspberry Pi

Step 1

Log on to your raspberry pi

Username: pi
Password: raspberry

Step 2

Enable SSH

$ sudo raspi-config
Navigate to “Interfacing Options”
Select “SSH”
“Would you like the SSH server to be enabled?”
Select “Yes”
Select “Finish” to exit
$ reboot

Step 3

Find your raspberry pi’s IP address

$ ifconfig
Note down the inet address – for example –

Step 4

Change your password for the user pi

$     passwd pi
Follow the instructions to change your pi user password

Your raspberry pi is now set up to allow secure connections by SSH. This can be used to connect to your raspberry pi over your local (wifi) network.


Step 5 – For Linux and Mac users

SSH onto your raspberry pi by entering the ssh command

$ ssh [email protected]
Don’t forget to use the ip address you wrote down in step 3.
(Authenticate with the new password you created in step 4.

Step 5 – For Windows users

5.1 – Download and install PuTTY onto your PC from
5.2 – Start putty.
5.3 – Add a new config with the ip address you wrote down in step 3 using port 22.
5.4 – Save the new config.
5.5 – Click open.
You will see the prompt
5.5 – Enter your username pi and the new password you created for user pi in step 4.


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