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Setting up for development with a new Git/Bitbucket Account

Create a new authentication credentials

cd ~/.ssh && ssh-keygen

cat | pbcopy

git config --global "Anthony Beckett"

git config --global anthony.m.bec[email protected]

ssh-add ~/.ssh/anthonybeckett_id


You can then create a new project…

cd ~/Projects/

mkdir badgercam

Create new git project the command (alternatively do this step on Bitbucket if you prefer):

git init badgercam

Navigate to the project root folder

cd badgercam

git clone [email protected]:AnthonyBeckett/badgercam.git


If you are using multiple git accounts (for example personal and work accounts) then you may need to run the following before you can connect to a private repository.

git config --global "Anthony Beckett"

git config --global [email protected]

ssh-add ~/.ssh/anthonybeckett_id

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