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Setting up a 128 Gb SD Card to for a Raspberry Pi Zero (BadgerCam) on Mac OSX

128 Gb SD Card

Use SDFormatter to format the card

Use Disk Utility to format the card in MS FAT (Raspberry Pi’s bootloader is unable to boot from an exFAT filesystem)

Copy Noobs files onto SD card


Place SD card in wifi enabled Pi (Pi3 or ZeroW)

On Noobs installation manager page click WiFi networks and select your WiFi network and enter your WiFi password.

The Noobs installation manager will give you more options to install.

Select Raspbian with PIXEL

Click install and the OS will install. This will take several minutes to complete.

Once complete click ok and the computer will reboot

Enabling camera:

$ sudo raspi-config

Navigate to “Interfacing Options”

Enable camera

new password : badger

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