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Copying files to and from your Raspberry Pi

Step 1

Turn on the SSH server on your Raspberry Pi

See Step 2 in post

Step 2

Install Filezilla FTP from

Step 3

Open Filezilla and open the Site Manager
> New > Site Manager

Step 4

Enter your raspberry pi’s SFTP details
4.1 – Click New site and enter your raspberry pi ip address as the host.
4.2 – Leave the port blank (to use the default).
4.3 – Select the protocol “SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol”.
4.4 – Select logon type as “normal”.
4.5 – Enter your raspberry pi username pi.
4.6 – Enter your pi user password.

Step 5

Click connect to save your changes and connect to your raspberry by by SFTP/SSH.

You should now see you raspberry pi’s root directory in the remote site window

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