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Who am I?

“I am a West Yorkshire based free-thinker and philosopher who particularly loves learning about the subtle mysteries of the natural world and of mankind. These interests culminated in my choosing to produce several events and conferences including the Annual British Exopolitics Expo as Exopolitics Great Britain. This is in essence a UFO conference taken beyond the limitations of its particular vernacular; one that delves deep into both speculative and undeniable realms of science and wisdom. In this capacity I also produce and write essays for Exopolitics Magazine, a free e-magazine which features articles by many of the best speakers in the areas of UFOs and Exopolitics, many of whom have spoken at our events.

“I work as a software engineer developing web applications for a global ad serving, tracking and technology company, while my formal higher education and earlier vocation was as a Chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. My interest in the physical sciences continues and compliments my interests in the natural world and I also enjoy keeping abreast of the new virtual technologies and love tinkering around with projects on a Raspberry Pi.

“I love movies and music. The most influential movies in my life probably included Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey (as I suppose were some of the novels of Arthur C. Clarke). In music, while an ardent fan of metal and rock, I still love the classic fifties and sixties tunes and the late 20th century electronic classics of the Future Sound of London and of the band inspired by the best Star Trek movie ever made – Eat Static. Of course when I pick up my guitar to wind down at the end of the day I often play the anthems of that rock opera concept album Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones by the Black Veil Brides.”

– Anthony Beckett, 2016

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